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would bear arms as legislation that would be mostly beneficial group in the area and i actually want to thank you very much for joining us tonight thank you so much and i really do encourage trolls to visit immigrants for sale dot org to get more information and thanks i got to wrap it i'm sorry we're taking a break we'll be right back. but we are right. i think. we have to go to the safe ready because freedom.
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hey guys welcome michel ancel on the on a show with part of our guests have to say on the topic now i want to hear. it's just going to use you to video responses or to twitter first on the questions and we've hostile you see it every monday and on thursday the show is gone the sponsors . fun. fun. fun to. get up sometimes to see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that
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everything is ok you don't know i'm sorry for going to the big picture. card it's time for tonight's jewel time award and tonight it goes to harold camping now if you're not sure who he is all i have to say is the word the rapture that's right he's the internet radio preacher who predicted the rapture would take place over the weekend and as we all know because we're all still here and alive he was wrong and a nine year old caused a frenzy when he said to judgment day would take place at six pm on saturday may twenty first and his prediction it became a huge news here in the u.s. and around the world so when he was wrong the media wanted to know what happened
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but harold has tried to avoid the spotlight since saturday he told the san francisco chronicle he was a lab or aghast at the rapture didn't happen and said quote it has been a really tough week and so if the world would have ended it would have been a better weekend now a t.v. crew knocked on his door on sunday when harold answered the door he seems stunt but somebody actually wanted to interview him. i'm sorry. sorry sorry. this is. a. very. very good show. now this isn't the first time that the radio preacher has predicted the end of the world he was also wrong back in one
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thousand nine hundred four just like he was on saturday and his family radio network website had also predicted the end of the world there was even a countdown clock on the front page fast forward to the site today and there is no mention of the rapture on that front page anymore but all of the talk of the rapture really caused some people to believe and become big joiners in his cause donating money to help spread the word the i wonder if those people who donated all that money are going to get a refund somehow i bet they won't other people out there quit their jobs to travel around the world telling everybody that may twenty first was the aunt of florida couple sold their home gave notice to work so they could travel and spread it camping's prediction after all he said it was going to happen and now they're broke and they're jobless their lifetime says that a truck driver took his family to see the grand canyon before the world and it he maxed out his credit cards now all those bills are due and i'm going to visa mastercard are going to forgive those charges but in fact these believers are
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according to media reports the retired civil engineer has turned his doomsday predicting into a huge money making nonprofit ministry tax filings from two thousand and nine report more than eight hundred million dollars in donations and his ministry is valued at more than one hundred four million dollars so it sounds like the preacher missed his calling he should work on wall street and that's why we're giving harold camping our tool time with. or for his latest scam. oh god please. celestial choirs will be singing. you know on this show we often tell you about corruption scandals people that are doing whatever they can to screw over the little guy so it's pretty rare we actually see people who stand up and do the right thing so rare that we've decided to dedicate a segment to those who offer us a glimmer of hope in this world and for our inaugural segment we go to denver where
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a judge put stay on all lawsuits that are being brought forth by right hated the right even is best described as a copyright troll this group of lawyers is notorious for going after large groups of people filing a major lawsuit against them and in those cases getting those defendants to settle out of court by paying up big money and in this instance in denver right haven was going after blogs that took at surface from news organizations meeting it in use quotes or paragraphs to use in your blog that would be considered copyright infringement and talked about dirty the reason this group was going after the blogs is because they found a loophole and intellectual copyright law which makes it possible is in order for blogs to be protected from ever getting sued they have to pay one hundred five dollars fee to enjoy a legal safe harbor where people can post those comments without fearing if they'll be sued but right haven specifically targets those sites and didn't shell out the money for that b. and now they're getting thousands out of the bloggers that is until colorado judge john cain caught on to what wright haven was doing and he's made it known that he's
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on the there's a routine that they've developed that's liking pros and out thirty five pending lawsuits this past week which i'm sure has right haven's lawyers so all the details of the legality of this lawsuit are being worked out as we hear on the show just want to give judge john king today's plimer of hope woodward he's aware of the backhanded methods the right even is using to make money off of those blogs that are merely trying to spark an open conversation about current events along all about protecting new sources protecting their work i doubt that these targeted blogs are purposefully maliciously attempting to steal anybody's material sadly i think right haven knew it too they just wanted to make a buck off of bloggers regardless so we hear on the show want to thank judge john mccain for giving us a glimmer of hope in today's often gloomy society of greed and corruption. now fox news claims that to be fair and balanced that slogan was pretty laughable not only is the network explicitly right wing but you could even say that it's an arm of the
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g.o.p. just look at all the potential republican candidates and it's employed from sarah palin and mike huckabee to rick santorum and newt gingrich has the channel running to a little trouble for fox news chairman roger ailes all the network is beating out all other cable news channels when it comes to the ratings and you piece in new york magazine by gabriel sherman looks at the potential downsides of those ratings the burger theories hosts calling the president a racist all of that might have earned roger ailes nine hundred million dollars last year but the theories need streams and some of those hosts may have also lost the republican party to twenty twelve presidency here to discuss this with me as a reporter and blogger for think progress dot org and the progress report and james pullos host of the bottom line chad and i thank you both for joining me tonight so i'm going to start with you when you think of roger ailes when you think of fox news do you are they the republican party do you think of roger ailes is the head of the republican party fox news is an arm of that republican party with the way that the republicans major republicans pay pilgrimage to fox do you think that they
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were the head of the party i mean you had sarah palin be a contributor and you're going to be a contributor but how could he have his own t.v. show on fox when he was you know doing his sort of joke over ryan was on fox every monday morning they had exclusive video and i think republicans actually turned to the channel not just to sort of put out their views but to actually build their movement i mean you have every single host on fox right now most all of them are republicans also the right wing views and they organize they spread their message uncritically and they're not you know that you turn for for sort of that is that if you're in the party you have a who's organizing who i mean james i want to go to you on this line is that roger ailes the one that's hiring all of these contributors that then becomes potential g.o.p. twenty twelve candidates really does seem like he has agenda an. behind the scene and try to get these people into the political race. well sure yes your gender gender is not necessarily the same agenda as republican politicians i mean look rather than charming the g.o.p.
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and i'd say that ailes is actually helping the g.o.p. by trying a way curious to get an unsuccessful back into the fall of fox news you look at the stars even on line and it's people who will ultimately rather not be president but rather makes money at fox do you think that perhaps some of the hosts that we see on the theories that we see on fox news have done a little bit of damage to the republican party to this republican brand because suddenly they've become much more extreme in terms of their theories now you're not a real republican candidate if you don't at some point discuss the president's birth certificate. oh i don't know i mean it cuts both ways for every for every glenn beck there is on fox news there's some other member of the republican establishment he's pushing a guy like a john ensign or so you know in terms of the. perception i think fox news has been has been to let their reputation become what it is when people large i don't think that's going to affect the race for president any more than it did in any other sort of significant fashion that you see out there taking place for actually in
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politics or media but he says well i think actually part of the more opportune question is how is it for the country you know what happens to the country when you have a major news this is sort of validating a man who is questioning whether the presidency where the president of a country was born in the country you know every monday morning what happens to a country when you have every host on a network defending the torture of other human beings you know on a daily basis i mean i think that americans that either they don't agree with the public employees politics of the fox news contains the draw republicans that are right they have to go on the show just validate themselves at their base they are going to in the end of the day they are going to have a less electable thanks exactly to fox's do you think that also james that it might hurt i mean i think this word really with a grain of salt the credibility of fox news you know when you have some of these candidates come on that might be a little bit loose slip a little bit crazy and they're obviously not going like you were saying earlier with perhaps that fox news wanted to say but with whatever they want to say and put out there into their you know their political run well just return quickly to what
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happens when you have a guy major network he's committing atrocities three sets of good every day and television well now he's president. so i don't see how that continues to check there is in any significant way other than perhaps a change line turns you know not everybody has moved on let's just be honest out there the people i think they have subscribe to these theories for the most part has still not moved on well i think you get a moving target you know there are people who are inclined to see of stories huge conspiracy is there some of them are republican some of the democrats neither and if it's not to be. question is settled there other questions you know those to nine years to to true truth there's in all the rest i mean i think the question about credibility is one that will ultimately be answered both who rises to the top among republican hopefuls for the for the nomination and who continues to have a purge of fox news you know when you look at the guys who are there that in the stars and sarah palin all the rest of it would be easier to maybe be rans tell them
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you know they're all going to be around forever for many years already got cycled out and i think we'll see how wall or poorly they're fairing in the in the big shark tank. he's a maybe that's a really a credible viable opponent for barack obama in two thousand and twelve that's five coming from the republican party. we're going to play. with siri for you can't think of one single person when you would think then though that there would be that person whoever might be considered a crime writer that's the roger ailes would want to start putting on t.v. all the time you know obviously there are there are rules about a fair amount of time on television but i do feel during these are popping up these constituencies of people people want to see someone different as a t.v. foresters a t.v. personality and they want to see running for president and i think their career fortunes you can look my coach mean certainly paid to the notion that there's some kind of a hundred percent or even see significant overlap between the kinds of talking heads since we're all into you consider talking isn't
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a fox news and national politicians they're you know you got to go early klansmen. people are afraid of you've got people on the people doing opposition research on chris christie even though he's saying i really commit suicide and. it is out there and people are urging him to pressure from above and below the current fuel to get some more people near a skin you know even with the few that we have there are still lots of folks who i think will gently are saying no to him publicly you know force he's a radical. well i would hope that the obama administration is doing some type of research on possible candidates and opponents out there otherwise i just got to say that they're amateurs griping part of the problem here is so you look at the people of fox news. you see these are wild crazy extreme personalities be they glenn bag and that's what people start to want in their politicians they want someone like glenn beck to run for office and jim hall and he is just a complete snooze but at the end of the day so what happens if if a man like glenn beck actually runs for president who just calls the president
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a socialist and says that he uses nazi tax and is a racist on a daily basis you know i think you know you hit it on the head a lot i mean we have a network here that's sort of pushing to the far right friends whereas really i think the country deserves is actually to have an intelligent conservative network i mean if you go back thirty forty years you could say well enough. buckley on television sort of debating very intelligent with intelligently with michael corby dollar noam chomsky or someone like that and you actually hashed out a really good conservative ideas i mean i totally disagree with them about buckley was a racist and a warmonger to be quite so he quite frank but i think that he displayed himself in a very intelligent manner and he didn't engage in political like you know asking for birth certificates or purporting you know any sort of ridiculous and spears a period or hosting sarah palin and paying her after she said told people that obamacare was going to kill them i mean you can't have that kind in this country on a major network and not expect it par right for you just to be showing up and i think it's bad for the country and had a. long line of perhaps a conservative can't get your great talks news kicks off the back and they're accused of drifting further to the right but is make
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a lot of sense and then you know look i like but if you're on the left you say oh if you see race or not you're sort of you can be god he spoke and he senses you know this is not exactly a fair and balanced conversation and that's the kind of attack that you're going to come from you know he opposes the rights that he opposes right for black people and actual conversation i can think of a number of current and former and a serious a person owns who are exactly from the. aren't exactly friendly to white to a intellectual a conservative some relationship that you're saying i just can't really see and this is a problem go right m s n b c c n and they're all losing in the ratings compared to fox news but at the same time i don't see any crazy wild personalities in the same sense i think i see a lot more intelligent discussion and that's n.b.c. then i do want. people to learn if they're any more or. you know you know what. ok very or so when's the last time you saw a intelligent. conservative
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a discussion on fox news james. well gosh i mean there are numbered if you go secured for us big stars is doing some great work right now i think it's got a lot of solid guests on and you know there's even some crossover i'm happy to say because it's very kind of it was literally everyone knows that i mean if politics doesn't think we should have thought this civil war i mean. i'm having a really hard time finding funny the sensible sort of consider is where you can find common ground and i carry a conspiracy theories like guess that you know at the end of the day we're seeing if you can that's out there also you could say in the rand pauls the more libertarian movement that are saying the things that maybe americans actually believe that you never saw before but still the end of the day most mainstream politicians won't go there i want to thank you both for joining us tonight james and thanks to you. all right still to come tonight we have our monday happy hour a man who is our time to hide the fact that he didn't get his life tickets to oprah winfrey's final show got him in trouble last caught on tape police using force to arrest a man in a wheelchair for cover those topics and more with j.
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crew are founder of realist idealist labs and our producer lucy catherine often just in the. we in the park. i think. either one. we have the gall to. keep him safe get ready because of the freedom. they charge in here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture a. new
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website which twenty four seven live streaming news town so what can tell you about the ongoing financial part of unlimited high quality videos for download. and stories never mainstream news. so a. little something. aren't just. guys welcome michel ancel on the ellen show part of our guests not to say on the topic now i want to hear audio just go on to this video on our the twitter profile
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of the questions that we imposed on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is. all right it's monday and it's time for happy hour joining me this evening is jake brewer founder of realist idealist labs an r.t. producer lucy. cheers guys it's monday and we're still here the world the now and i guess i'm happy about. our credit card bills and i know i know. let's start with a story i mean we all went to prom obviously there was all kinds of measures that the administration in your school have to take to make sure the kids don't bring bottles of booze and they try to search for limos but i think that's going
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a little overboard now in santa fe new mexico a federal judge actually ruled that the t.s.a. had to be at the prom and actually residents are now angry because the t.s.a. isn't going to be there they're just have to deal with local police take a look at a clip. things were different this time around they didn't touch me personally they just i mean. my wallet. hardly any so what students from santa fe high school tell us they encountered a problem tonight in the wake of two sisters from another santa fe district high school saying they were recent it's a federal judge ruled yesterday to use a certified personal well it's no supervised district pat downs but those dancers are graduation is that really what this world has come to know hardly any time in the wake of a don't touch my junk we have celebrations about you know just how little we're getting groped by the t.s.a. this is a this is how it will be painful that we did who better to pick for anti groping
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pat downs and the t.s.a. obviously there's been no controversy with the t.s.a. it lately i just i mean this is the second week now that we're talking about students in a school being interrogated by a federal forces last week we talked about the poor kid who warned obama about potential terrorists on facebook and the secret service investigates him and how the t.s.a. is going to proms or was across a lot of problems i mean like real world issues to restore security consultant from the federal government in our high schools absolutely i mean is that was race cool i'm sure. no it's not a free it are just you know call the government say hey we really love the t.s.a. it was a good idea can we get we find out who thinks it's a good idea to reward just house for something good old whoever the federal judge is i actually don't have his name out there right now but there is a federal judge in santa fe new mexico. to look at my level where that is. under something that i just find absolutely hilarious so oprah winfrey this is her last season as of the twenty fifth twenty fifth year right now. so there's a guy who was coming from toronto ontario and told his wife that they were going
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for a taping of one of oprah's last shows and it turns out that he didn't actually ever buy the tickets so he pretended that he got mugged and the police said that he cut his own forehead with a rock and scrape. on the sidewalk to mimic injuries from a violent street robbery this is also that his wife wouldn't find out and i think we know we know what women look like when they go to the press they can look at that jr is back you know i want to you know this calls for drum roll a cue the drum roll all right open your boxes. open. was. thank god. you know. let me buy the imagine tickets over actually free and so i guess this guy makes this guy even a worse husband because he had to shovel out some dough you know he wasn't even
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chief he just messed up but that's how sad it is that you would rather scratch yourself or have your arms in the side go to the police file a fake report and have to tell your wife that she can't like scream and get something for he get in the way between oprah and the woman that love her that's first of all this guy is canadian that already explains a lot. but second of all what i what i might find most lasting about the story is that he said i'm hispanic man and. african-american man robbed him and beat him down well obviously. the best part of the story though and i agree with that that was shocking for the best part of the story that i'd love to find out where there was a report of what did the guy have to do to be in such is so much in the doghouse they had to make up a story about taking his wife to oprah that would like alleviate all the pride can't we see here i want the back story so i bet he would say hey maybe it's an arnold maybe there is the maid next door there is
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a child is more like him every day although so far it's a flare of infidelity i'm not sure that that's a very healthy relationship to pick up a friend. in the world this is what she has to be told let's move on to our last book and i and this one actually isn't really funny at all and this is something that we cover all the time on this show we did a big piece on it on friday and this is excessive use for no reason used by police and this is the metro police in washington take off. are you kidding me the wheelchair like you need to tackle hand well last time i was here we did a piece about a cop who tackled a woman who was walking along the street i think they were clearly they are thirteen year olds a thirteen year old girl who got tackled and so now you know clear trend going on
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here i think i'm really excited to get to they were gets just like truly down and out you know really poor people that are getting tackled how like all the little babies are stories are going for the most vulgar. video where the policeman t. is a baby squirrel at a school of a not obviously it's in like there's a trend of some sort work that's going to make. a federal employee out of and that's how well trained our police officers are these days that they can't just go after this girl they have to pay that from five feet away. ok but remember also this is the same police department that decided where on uniformed police officer decided to put out his gun at a snowball fight which i was actually up so this is always a car is threatening to go away this is particularly scary for me walking out the door something i don't know if i look good enough to not attack or move a bit concerned about. my interaction with what i do in but world do you need to tackle somebody who's sitting you don't already have or do i mean these days that the guy fell down i'm sorry the definition of falling down is moving down rapidly
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without any sort of free will i don't know if you watch that video but that looks like two guys lift some of them off and slam them down the floor i don't see how that's an accidental fall and there's no excuses or n.p.v. is a lot to answer for they definitely a lot to answer for in the aspect i definitely did not fall down i want to thank you for joining me tonight on this year's. that's it for tonight so thanks for tuning in and make sure you come back tomorrow president has changed the rhetoric coming from the white house on israel but will we actually feel anything changed in the relationship i'll discuss that tomorrow but in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the ilona show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any it's a night show or any other night seeking ways catch it all in the you tube dot com slash below the show and we close the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is adam versus the way.
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twenty years ago in the largest country in the disappearance of. what had been. a speed janitor. where did it take the. h r n how broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. of.
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